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Hi, I’m Arjun Nair, Also Known as Jun to friends or CapnJun to many

I've been a Trouble shooter, Expediter, Port Captain, Marine consultant, and Mentor, among other roles

Have Supervised the building and the dry docking of ships including steel renewals. Have conducted Inspections of vessels and conducted vessel surveys including to OCIMF standards.

As Consultant have set up Freight forwarding networks and offices including the Southern region of All Cargo Movers Pvt Ltd., between 1997 - 1999.

As Entrepreneur and owner of Indo Overseas Consultants - a Chennai based Custom House Agency that I bought over in 1999, we added value in 10 years by transforming it into a fully integrated Freight Management company with a Licensed IATA and Multimodal Transport permits, and a well oiled and dedicated workforce and with a Southern India footprint. The company had an excellent reputation for high quality accountable service. The intrinsic value of the company was unlocked by divestment in 2009.

Seasky Shipping Pvt. Ltd, which was established in 1999 was made fully operational in 2001 - as a Chennai based Freight Forwarding company. The company works on the same principles of ethics and accountable service for which IOCPL was reputed. The company is profit making with long serving employees. In August 2014, the company was renamed as Seasky Shipping and Consulting Pvt. Ltd., to reflect additional verticals and complement the freight management business.

Glass Buildings

Long term interest in Law finally saw him pursue and complete a PG Diploma in Maritime Law via the Lloyds Maritime Agency and the London Metropolitan University in February 2012. Maritime Legal advice is thus another part of the consulting vertical.

His Specialties include Building teams and Loyalties, Order Management, Quality processes and a Turn around Professional. Specialty in People management, mentoring the young and Coaching the ambitious.

Seasky Shipping Pvt Ltd was a JV between the Directors of Seasky Cargo and Travels Pvt Ltd, Delhi and Indo Overseas Consultants Pvt Ltd., Chennai. where he was the Owner / MD

The company established in 1999 prides itself on being professionally run and is involved in the business of end to end Freight solutions for both Import and export.

Long serving staff, with fierce pride in the workplace and who treat the company as their own while the company treats them as partners is the reason for our success and reputation.

In August 2014, the company restructured its equity and became a fully owned entity by Capt. Arjun Nair and Mrs. Poonam Nair. The company also changed its name to Seasky Shipping and Consulting Pvt. Ltd., to reflect its Maritime Consulting arm.


TERROIR - The Madras Wine Club
January 2009 – December 2014 (6 years)Chennai Area, India

A loose association of individuals with a common interest in Wine. The Official Launch was on 22nd January 2009 at the Taj Coromandel and sponsored by Brindco, this was followed by a wine tasting event with Frescobaldi. The aim of the club is to ensure members acquire knowledge while also having fun. Wine tours, out station trip, talks by sommeliers, wine makers and experts are some of our activities while screening of wine related movies on a BYO arrangement are the most popular.

Indo Overseas
Consultants Pvt. Ltd.,

August 1999 – March 2009
(9 years 8 months)

He took over a 10 year old pure Custom House Agency in 1999 that worked traditionally and converted it into a professionally manged process based company adding value by getting IATA accreditation and a Multimodal Transport Operators license over 10 years. The shares were divested to the Delhi Based SRM Shipping (part of the Spice Energy group) in January 2009.

Maritime Consultant

January 1993 – June 1997
(4 years 6 months)Bangalore

Consulting included, expediting and supercargo roles of general cargo vessels for aid cargo to Africa, General and OCIMF inspections of vessels, Supervising drydocking and steel repairs, Setting up quality systems to comply with ISO 9002 on board ships, Firefighting and SafetyTraining on board among other roles including troubleshooting. Also as a trainer for Voith Schneider Propulsion systems trained the Chennai Port trust Tug Operators.

Rakesh Aghi
May 23, 2016, Rakesh was a client of
Capt. Arjun’s

I have known Arjun for over 10 years. He is not only a good friend but also helped our Cobra India operations with Customs clearance and all logistics services. I found him very disciplined, focused and dedicated to serving his customers. He was very transparent and fair in his dealings. He would make sure the job was done and followed through from beginning till the end. I recommend him highly for anybody looking for Logistics services in India. 

KP Philip
Coach, Mentor & Consultant
May 21, 2016, KP was a client of
Capt. Arjun’s

Dear Arjun, it has been a great pleasure to do business with Seasky over the last several years. What has always impressed me about your organisation has been the transparency of the transaction. This allows customers like us to know exactly what we are paying for and this builds trust. The delivery of your services have been excellent, efficient and most importantly, with timely communications so that we are all on the same page. I know that Kemin will continue to benefit from Seasky's services and, with your diversification into other related areas, I do believe that there great scope to expand the relationship. I wish you and your super team in Seasky much success and continued growth as you set benchmarks for the industry. K.P.Philip, President & CEO, Kemin Industries.

Arijeet Purkayastha
Managing Director Viari Exports Pvt Ltd
May 17, 2016, Arijeet was a client of
Capt. Arjun’s

I have known capt arjun nair as a friend and business associate for about a decade. He is one of the most knowledgeable , committed and fair person that i have come across in my business career . His attention to detail and penchant for perfection are noteworthy. He is extremely caring and looks after his colleagues as family. Once you entrust him or his company with a job you can rest assured that it will get done in the most professional and transparent manner. I have absolutely no doubt that anyone associating with him and his company will benefit tremendously ! Good Luck .

July 2, 2014, FIRDAUSE worked with
Capt. Arjun

Capt. Arjun is a very, very confident and passionate person. He loves what he is doing and is a very disciplined and dedicated person. A born leader who carries his team with pride. Wishing him all success in life.

Mike Hughes
marine engineer/shipbuilder at Leisure
June 23, 2014, Mike managed
Capt. Arjun directly

I worked with Captain Nair for a number of years at Ugland brothers as his manager. He is inteligent, extremely knowlegable and professional and both I and the company could trust him completely in protecting both the interests of the company and the wellbeing of his subordinates. Mike Hughes, Senior Ship Manager (Ret'd)

Capt Avtar Singh
Marine Consultant (Independent)
June 20, 2014, Capt was a client of
Capt. Arjun’s

Capt Arjun Nair is a highly motivated, competent and result oriented professional. It is always a pleasure to have him on your side.

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