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Relationships – a date of Expiry ??

Dates of Manufacture and Expiry.  (DOM and DOE)

Why do humans get emotional about relationships ??

Its because we believe we are not products and are different.

Is it not normal as we evolve, that the brain also continuously maps the locations of joy, of sorrow or sadness, of mistrust, of evolving compatibility and incompatibility and other such way-points along the journey of our lives ??

So are we not products of the evolution of our brains as we get differently exposed to life, its hardships, the smooth rides, the pitfalls, the joys of love and a relationship, the thrill of parent and grand-parenthood, the wonderment of discovery the attainment of peace in the mind and so on ??

So if we are then products why don’t we accept that relationships could also have a DOM and it could evolve to have a DOE.



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